Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting you caught up on me

It has been a while since my last post, for which I apologize. There are times when life gets so hectic that I just get so caught up. I forget that I have the blog. I hope to write more now but I have said that in the past. For anyone still following, I thank you. For anyone just finding me, thank you for reading. I live with my boyfriend, Scruffy, now. We currently rent a room in his parents house. Not the best set up but it is a lot better than being on the street, especially with how bad the winter has been across most of America. He is asleep next to me as I type. I can't help but turn and look at him now and then. Just seeing him brings a deep, gratifying peace to my heart. Our dearest other, Tails, doesn't live with us right now. We miss him but it just wasn't possible to have him with us at this time. We are all three working hard to be able to get into a place where we can all live together. It is just slow going because right now we only have my SSI and what little I make off of my art to get us by. Scruffy has a job interview this afternoon. It is a lower paying position but a job is a job at this point and as long as he brings in at least $500 a month I do believe we could get by.  He and I have no attachments to any name brands, buying second hand is fine and we know how to cook like poor people. Ha! We ARE poor people!  We have one cat and a few rats as pets, all very easy to care for on a low budget if done properly. The way to do it is pay yourself first (savings) then pay the pets (supplies and vet fund) then rent, then utilities, then food for yourselves. I am learning to do this, it is just hard to change after the ways I have had to live. I am hopeful that Scruffy can help me learn to be this way.

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