Friday, March 20, 2015

Furry Fan Fare

I have had a great week! I sold 10 crocheted guinea pigs to a lovely young lady on Facebook. I had posted them for sale all over facebook as fursuiter accessories or as pet toys and she wanted them for herself and maybe as gifts!  I sincerely hope that she enjoys them.  Here is a photo of some that are on their way to her as I type.

Then on Furbuy I opted to buy a decal from a fellow Fur. They were great with communication, sent it quickly and it is a very nicely done decal. As I always try to do, I wanted to share here how to find this delightful Furry Friend so you too can look into his wares.  His name is Josh Watson AKA Nero and his company is called Furtastic and Serval's Den.  His ID on Furbuy is Neroserval. Their website is and they have a shop with Etsy at all of which I hope you will check out. They offer decals, shirts and more!

I recently purchased art from a Furry artist in France, I will post more about her when we get the pieces and I bought some My Little Ponies from a gal on facebook. When they arrive I will ask her if she has an online store she would like mentioned here. I do so enjoy sharing with my readers any little tidbits that I find interesting and well, if someone has great customer service then I think they should be shouted out about.

Feel free to comment about a small business, crafter, or individual you have purchased from that gave excellent service and we will check them out as we can.

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