Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What a day!

Let me give you a run down of how I stand on each of my earning sites as of today:

TrafficMagician: $1.955 cash earned in 2 DAYS! I have also earned a lot of different credits for advertising so I am one happy camper! Note they have a ten dollar minimum for withdrawal. Payments made to Paypal and Clickbank.

Probux: A fun paid to click. A slower earner than most programs but that is ok for me. $0.4070 earned so far, not sure how long I have been active there. They have a minimum payout of $5.00 and make payments to Paypal, Payza, and Netteller.

Neobux is another PTC site. I am not as active on this one as a few others I do. I have only earned $0.157 It's not that it is dull, rather I just happen to be more into a few of my other sites.

Bubblews is my absolute favorite site to work at this time. So far I have earned $4.36. I use Trafficmagician to halp build up my views. I think it is helping!  Min payout here is $50.00 to paypal.

On Wikinut I just got started. If you click the Blue word it will take you to the site to join under me which would be very helpful. You get paid to write. Really? Money for posting our thoughts on things? Yes! Similar to Bubblews only with more choices in set up and such. They make payments to Paypal. Must earn £5.00 minimum for payout.  They are a UK based site so there may be fees to change it to your local currency.

Lastly, I want to share my ultra favorite site. Birejji. This site gives you points to chat. when you get 10.00 points you can cashout to paypal for ten cents. For only 25.00 points you get a 25 cents. For 50.00 points you get 50 cents. For 100.00 points you get a dollar.  Also you can choose to get a 50 cent giftcard to amazon for 50.00 points or you can get Bitcoins 0.01 worth for 1.00 points. I have been paid the ten cents twice and currently have 7.30 points. So if you do not mind small payouts, this is a good site for people.

I hope this info helps you see that these sites are good. Have a great day

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