Friday, July 25, 2014

Poetry is in the air

Lately I have been seeing poetry everywhere. On facebook, on the library shelves, on blogger, and even on Bubblews.  I began writing for the last site not too long ago. I finally took the plunge and posted a poem there.  You can see it HERE.

When I was younger I would get my poetry published in what are called Coffee Table Volumes.  I gave that up because I never won any prizes and the books were far to expensive for me to get any to have. I used to dream of getting my poetry published in little books to sell, but I can't afford to self publish and try to sell them on my own. I don't know any publisher actively looking for poetry either. Even magazines are not really paying for poetry anymore.  I feel so sad that poetry is dying.  I will do my part to keep it alive. Even if no one anywhere likes my work.  I like it and that is what matters.

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