Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Had a lazy day yesterday

So, today I I am working to make up for it.  I did some work on two of my earning sites and am here now writing this to you, my faithful readers.  The closer it gets to the 4th, the day I see my lawyer in preparation for my SSI hearing, the worse I seem to get. I'm a nervous wreck, barely sleeping, having trouble keeping food down thus barely eating...I know none of this is good but what am I to do if I do not get my SSI? I have no way to support myself.  I can not bare to be out of the house for a long amount of time. I am even having to take my anxiety pills at home now.  I fear I may need to check in a hospital for while. but I don't want to risk it at this point because my hearing is on the 15th. That is only 11 days after I see my lawyer. I am afraid.  Should I fail to get this...I fear being reliant on my mother for housing for goodness knows how long.  I love my mother, but I simply can not live this way for too much longer. It is making me worse.

Whew....well, with that unloaded, let me share a few happier or at least less dramatic things with you.

This is a little post I made about ears for Furs and non-Furs.

This is a little ramble about what Furs are.

Finally, this is a few lines about Plushies or stuffed animals as most know them.

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