Monday, July 21, 2014

Apology and some news!

First I want to apologize to everyone for my being away.  I have trouble remembering everything I do so sometimes things get neglected. I know, that makes it sound like I am doing too much. I probably am, but that's how I am. Anyway, I'm sorry and I will try to post more often.

Now for the news! I recently began writing for Bubblews.  It is an interesting combination blog and social site.  Here is where it gets really good....IT PAYS YOU TO DO THIS!  I have seen many proofs of payment, I do not know if they are staged by the site or real, but I do know I enjoy writing articles for them.
I can't seem to find my referral link but you can join up just by going to
You have to have a paypal account in order to get paid though so be sure you have a paypal.

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