Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Run in My Hose

Ya know what I absolutely hate about pantyhose? Eventually they give in an run. I have a favorite pair that are a lovely blue color and this morning they ran, not just a little line, but full blown running! A hole even! It's the size of a sand dollar :(  I am uncertain if I will be able to find a replacement pair and even if I do, when I would be able to buy them.  With such limited income on my part I feel bad whenever I have to sit and pick and choose what I can and cannot do. This economy really needs fixed so that we poor folk can survive. Can barely afford food for the month!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Can't say enough about!

Hello my readers, loyal and fickle.

I know I have mentioned before but I just have to reiterate how wonderful this site is to me. I love being able to win new books for free, and being able to review them makes it so much fun. The site also allows me to be able to track the books I have or have not read, that way I do not have to try to remember. If I need a new book to read I simply open Goodreads and the library's site then set to work requesting books from my I want to read list.  I have been discovering Authors I never knew about and stories I might never have read on my own. Bored? Need something to challenge your mind? Pick up a book and be sure to let us all know how you felt about it on