Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Comforting quotes

There is a lot to be said about a well worded quote. The kind that can wrap you up in the warmth of emotional support and comfort. I have found two that gave me this exact feeling. I would like to share them with all of you, if I may. No objections? Good, then here they are. Enjoy as I have.

The first gives me comfort because others with Bipolar had shared it first on Facebook. It was good to see others acknowledge that they also live with this illness and try everyday to overcome it or accept it as part of life. Power to the people that recognize that not all debilitating illnesses are visible at a glance.

This one makes me think about who I am. I often find myself in a dark place where I can no longer see the light of the true me. This confirms how brave I must be to keep fighting my way out of the darkness and back to my inner light. It is never an easy battle as so many wish to think it is. How often do we hear or say something like: Get out of the house then you won't be depressed. Or: You choose how to live each day so if you feel that way, you must have chosen it.  These well meaning phrases do the opposite of what is intended. Instead of inspiring us to do better or choose differently it triggers a spiral downward, we drown in our self-doubts and failures. Give us a life jacket instead. Sit and hug us. Join us in a dark moment offering your quiet support and love. That is what we really need, not your unintended belittling.


  1. I love the quote about courage. It's so true that it can be a huge challenge to grow into the person you need to be and sometimes the courage is just that you need to leave people behind you that are holding you back.

    (kimt1989 from swap-bot)

  2. The quote from Cummings is so true. It is hard to stay true to yourself and to see that there is alway something positive in every story.

    Follow me #24 - Eveline

  3. I love the quotes you posted :)
    Being bipolar myself, I tend not to tell people about it because of those "well meaning" comments. Being understanding means a lot more than saying things like "you'll feel better when you hang out with more people" or "staying at home will make you depressed", and the most annoying comment I've ever received was "depression is only for the religiously weak" :| Another reason I don't tell people is because I don't want sympathy. Being bipolar is not a weakness, to me its just a way that I am different, nothing more nothing less.

    this is missworld from swap-bot! :)

  4. Fantastic quotes, I have added both to my book of quotes. I to am bipolar, but it is being handled by medication so my life is much calmer now. (tatntole from swap-bot)

  5. Good quotes, Kat, but it is true that a 15 minute walk will activate the serotonin in the brain. This does help......I know from experience.

  6. Yes, two good quotes. And keep in mind, you may not be bipolar all your life.

    Coleen from s-b. again. :)