Saturday, January 11, 2014

Spring Semester and Financial Frustrations

Greetings readers! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Mine was fairly well. I received an A in the required Welcome to College course I took over the fall/winter. Spring semester starts on Monday and boy am I excited, well, a bit nervous too. It has been a long time since this blogger has been in a classroom. My history of classroom experience was far from positive. So, I am sure you can imagine my trepidation. I am set to take Fundamentals of Speech, Basic Math, Drawing 1, and Composition and Reading 1. Speech and Math worry me the most to be honest. I have never done well speaking in front of my peers and those older than me. Speaking to kids younger than me has always been easier.  That is why I want to teach young children about Art. They are less likely to be jaded towards the wonders of our vast world.  I am a bit worried about the drawing class as they will give us assigned things to draw and want them done certain ways, and eventually we will have to draw a person. I hope its not nude. If I want to see a naked woman I have a mirror, if I want to see a naked man I have my fiance. Oh well, I want to pass the class so I will do my best.

Financials.  I was served a few weeks ago with papers for child support. I find it atrocious. It was instigated by the state because my X has them getting TANF (cash assistance).  He swears he told them I have no job. Not for a lack of trying, I tell you.  I was told by people that interviewed me that I would only find work if I went back to school so I have. I am pursuing it using only Pell Grants at this time.It is the best way to start. I want to limit the amount of loans I end up having to take out. I am taking a good chunk of my classes at a community college (Penn Valley) before transferring to a university (UMKC). I hope to have my transfer credits completed in time for Spring of 2015.  In the mean time I am having to deal with convincing the people that I have nothing to give even though I greatly wish I could. You can not get blood from a turnip.  I hate not having income, but I have not received my SSI (which I would only keep until my schooling was done and I had work) nor do I have a job.  It kills me knowing I can do nothing when my kids need something. I have a hearing on the 16th, wish me well my readers.

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