Kat Evans: I'd like to start by thanking you for taking the time to do an interview for my small blog. As a fellow
                   sufferer of Hidradenitis Suppurativa, I want to thank you for the time and effort that went into writing
                   this book.

Tara Grant: Thanks Kat, that means a lot. I put my heart and soul into this, more than any other project I've done.

Kat Evans: Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself, when you were diagnosed and how you came to begin 
                    searching for the answers?

Tara Grant: I've had HS since I was 13 years old, but wasn't diagnosed until I was in my 30s. Up until then, I  saw
                     approximately 40 doctors from four different countries - none of whom could tell me what was wrong
                     with me. I eventually found the name "Hidradenitis Suppurativa" in a book about PCOS (which I also
                     had). I knew INSTANTLY that's what I had and took that information to a dermatologist. That's when
                     I finally got a diagnosis. At that time, I had already changed to a Primal diet and my HS was drastically 
                     better, so I declined the antibiotics and Accutane she prescribed. I also refused to believe what she said:
                     "You have to live with this for the rest of your life." I have always been stubborn. I also knew, as a long-
                     time sufferer of HS, that the doctors I had seen had no clue what they were talking about. The advice to
                     wash more, stop sweating, use antibacterial soap, and take antibiotics was complete garbage.
                     I knew that I was on the right track with diet, so I started investigating the Autoimmune Paleo Protocol,
                     and made specific tweaks for HS. The results I had seen from others (Dr. Terry Wahls, for example)
                     who had healed themselves from crippling autoimmune conditions was all the motivation I needed. When
                     I started treating HS like an autoimmune condition, it went into remission. There are literally thousands
                     of cases of this happening all over the world. I was also able to induce flare-ups with specific experi-
                     mentation. This completely checks with autoimmunity. There isn't a cure - you will always have the 
                     predisposition for autoimmunity - but you CAN go into remission.

Kat Evans: Do you have any relatives or close friends that became diagnosed after you? Can you tell us about 
                    that? (name changes for privacy is fine.)

Tara Grant: No, there is no one else in my family with this condition. There is a mistaken belief that HS is inherited.
                     It is not. However, some families have more than one member affected by it. The reason for this is
                     that HS is autoimmune. In order to get an autoimmune condition, you need to have the gene for auto-
                     immunity. The fact that the autoimmune gene manifests as HS in more than one family member is 
                     complete coincidence. If you're suffering from HS, you more than likely have other autoimmune
                     conditions - and so does your family. Family trees littered with Crohn's, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple
                     sclerosis, restless leg syndrome, Type 2 diabetes, Lupus, enometriosis, eczema, psoriasis, HE, and
                     more - all of which are autoimmune - are very common. If you have HS, you have the autoimmune gene,
                    which you did inherit. If your gut becomes leaky, then you will eventually develop an autoimmune
                    condition. The doctors will diagnose you with different diseases, depending on which area of your body
                    is under attack. In HS, it's the hair follicles, and in severe cases, the sweat glands.

                    That being said, my old college roommate looked me up recently. She has had HS since puberty, but 
                    even when we were living together we didn't tell each other about it. She found me through my blog

Kat Evans: How much trouble did you have initially getting a diagnosis for what was going on?

Tara Grant:  It was extremely frustrating. I was told I had "adult acne", and also told that they didn't know what 
                      was wrong with me. I was also told I was overreacting, not keeping clean enough, and told to lose 
                      weight. Not a single doctor showed any compassion, or was willing to look into the matter further.
                      I eventually stopped going to the doctors, and didn't return until I had already made changes and knew
                      I was on the right track. I knew that if I wanted answers, I had to do the research and experimentation
                      myself. I wasn't interested in how I reacted to different drugs, which is the only research being done
                      into HS. I was interested in healing myself naturally.

Kat Evans: Do you have any advice for anyone seeking medical help for this condition?

Tara Grant: Yes. Don't. The Western medical community is still under the mistaken belief that HS is caused by
                     bacteria, hence the prescriptions for antibiotics. They will not be able to help you, and will suggest
                     butchering surgeries, which often make matters worse. You can't "cut HS out" like you do with a 
                     cancerous tumor. When you remove an organ or tissue that is being ravaged by an autoimmune 
                     response,  you open up all your other organs and tissues to attack. That's why there is over an 80%
                     chance of re-occurrence of HS after surgery. Luckily, you actually hold the key to healing in your hands.
                     You can heal yourself. If you can avoid infection, then you don't need doctors to help you get rid of
                     this disease.

(Kat;s input: it is of my own opinion that medical attention should be sought out at times. You must remember
 that it is your body, you are the one who says what will and will not go into or on your body. If you know something
is known not to work in HS treatment in a majority then tell your doctor you don't want to try that. You know yourself best.
If you do not know anything about a medicine tell your doctor you want to research that medication and schedule
a follow up appointment to get the medicine if you find that it does help or think it may help. Medical records are 
necessary for anyone seeking to apply for SSDI or SSI when they can no longer work, this makes it necessary for US 
sufferers to seek doctors to at least document the illness)

Kat Evans: I understand your book is an all in one that you hope will help most if not all of those with HS. What
                   are the basic components you address in your book?

Tara Grant: After my initial posts on HS, I realized that there were millions of people out there that needed help.
                     I had thought this was a "rare" condition, because at the time I posted about it, I didn't know anyone
                     else with it. My posts just weren't detailed enough, and I was getting hundreds of emails a day begging
                     for help. I figured I would write a 20 page ebook and put it online. However, once I got to about 50 pages
                     and there was still lots more that needed to be said, I realized I would be doing everyone a disservice
                     if I didn't cover everything. I got myself a publisher so that I could eat while I was writing. My original
                     manuscript was over 400 pages. My editor did a great job of cutting it down to just over 300 pages.
                     I really tried to cover everything that I possibly could. Since what triggers HS in me will be different
                    than what triggers it in you. I needed to cover a great deal of information to make sure that everyone
                    had all the facts they needed.

                    Although trggers are different, the underlying cause of HS is the same for all of us. Here's a rundown
                    of the book:

Introduction: My Story, What To Expect From the Book
Chapter 1: What the Frak is HS?
Chapter 2: What the Doctors Will Tell You
Chapter 3: Autoimmunity 101
Chapter 4: Leaky Gut
Chapter 5: The Hormone Connection
Chapter 6: Wound Care
Chapter 7: Stress and the Mind-Gut Connection
Chapter 8: The Elimination Diet (covers all potential triggers)
Chapter 9: Reintroduction (how to do it safely and effectively)
Chapter 10: Recipes
Chapter 11: Success Stories
Chapter 12: FAQs
Resources, Index, Glossary

Kat Evans: Did you have to consult any experts to fully check the information you share here? If so, was it difficult
                    getting them to spare the time you needed?

Tara Grant: I'm in a very lucky position. I have a degree in Journalism, so I'm used to investigative reporting. I 
                     like to find out the how and why of things, and have a pretty keen brain for science. Since I'm a part
                     of the Paloe and Primal communities, I also have access to progressive doctors, research scientists, professors,
                     and biologists that many people would have to wait ages to talk to. They were (and continue to be) extremely 
                     helpful - supplying me with studies, helping me to understand autoimmunity, promoting me, and reassuring
                     me that I could actually do this. I have also been attending conferences like the Ancestral Health Symposium
                     for several years, so I have access to cutting edge medical research that (I hate to say it) your doctor doesn't

                     I also have HS. This is the key factor that has allowed me to write this book. I've been able to experiment
                     on myself. I understand all the different aspects of HS -- not just the boils. I know about the depression,
                     the social isolation, the ultimate drive to get rid of it. The frustration and misinformation. Being scammed
                     and ripped off, taken advantage of. The desperation. I understand. I get it, more than ant doctor ever could.
                     Because of this I could cover a lot of topics in the book that aren't ever even mentioned in medical journals,
                     or that your doctor isn't even aware of.

Kat Evans: What is the one thing you would stress most to anyone unable to get a copy of your book at this time?

Tara Grant: Go to your local library and ask them to carry it. Then, you can borrow it for free. And honestly, it's only $26
                     on Amazon. How much does a 1-oz bottle of EmuAid cost? Tumeric capsules? Surgery? Doctor's Visits?
                     We've all fallen for so much. I bet if you sat down and tallied up how much you've spent on Band-aids alone for
                      your HS over the years, $26 would be a drop in the bucket. IF you really, really can't get your hands
                     on a copy, email me. I will help you out.

Kat Evans: Are there any further comments or stories you would like to share with our readers?

Tara Grant: I would like to address my motivations for writing this book. Some people in the HS community think
                     they are being scammed, yet again. To them, I say this: I have "outed" myself to the world by writing'
                     this book which up until this point none of them have been willing to do. I have spent thousands of 
                     hours trying to help, trying to raise awareness, and have helped hundreds of people online, for free.
                     I have broken down crying at some of the stories I have received. The primary factor for writing this book
                     was an email I received from a 12-year old girl, who said she wanted to kill herself. I immediately wrote
                     her back, but I never heard anything back from her. I am desperate to know that she's okay. I don't
                     want anyone else to go through what I did as a teenager. I thought about suicide on more than one

                     The great thing about this book is that if you are not satisfied, you can request your money back.
                     If you get this 300-page manual, read it cover to cover, and find that there is nothing in it that is of any help,
                     you can ask for a refund from the publisher. Try asking for a refund for EmuAid when it doesn't work.
                     That being said, I would challenge anyone with HS to read this book and find nothing in it that is helpful.
                     It's very thorough and is the ONLY book specifically for sufferers of HS, with both medical and scientific
                     information and a detailed action plan on how to go into remission.

Kat Evans: Last but not least, are there any websites your would recommend those afflicted with this disease or 
                    their friends and family should visit?

Tara Grant: My posts on PrimalGirl.com are probably the most helpful thing on the internet, and some people I've
                     been working with have created their own blogs. There is a Facebook group called the HS Diet Connection
                     - the only forum I would recommend. These people understand the connection between what you put in
                     your mouth and HS, and they are extremely positive and helpful. Other forums are not. They're filled
                     with old wives takes, misinformation and people asking about the latest drug. Don't look at Google
                     images. It's scary. HS does NOT always relentlessly progress. You can heal from it. You can get better.
                     There is hope, but looking through images on the internet will scare the ever-loving crap out of you.

Kat Evans: Thank you again for joining us. Your book is a very important first step in making the public aware
                    of this illness. The more people know of it and its existence the better the sufferers will be understood.

Tara Grant: Thank you! My goal is to get on the Dr. Oz show about this. Many people have HS but are unaware
                     of what its called. They're too embarrassed to go to the doctor about it. I would encourage all of you
                     to write to the Dr. Oz show and ask them to feature me, and ask your local library to carry the book. 
                     The only way we're going to rais awareness is to GO BIG. I'm more than happy to be the person to 
                     come out of the closet if it will help others, but I still need your help. If I've helped you, please help
                     me raise awareness.

To find a copy of this book please check the following links:

Thank you everyone for reading this interview. If you have authored a book and had it published I encourage you to contact me
to also be interviewed for this blog. If you suffer from an illness I encourage you to get to your local library and read! You can
only truly care for yourself if you are armed with knowledge.