Monday, October 28, 2013

Bucket List or Reasons to Go on Living

I follow a blog by another woman who suffers from Bipolar. She is so brave to share her pain and daily trials with the world. Today I found a post where she made a Bipolar Bucket List. This BL is different from your standard BL because instead of just being things to do before you die, it is a list of things that keep you living because you haven't done them yet. I am taking a few minutes to share my own BBL. I hope I can inspire others to do the same.

Things to live for

  1. finish my associates degree
  2. finish my bachelor's degree
  3. be an art teacher for elementary kids
  4. Own my own home
  5. have 5 acres to have a hobby farm on
  6. take a riding/camping tour in Ireland
  7. sell one painting or drawing
  8. have a gallery showing
  9. meet Alanis Morrisette, have her sign something and take a photo with me
  10. interview a tv personality for my blog
  11. visit Mount Rushmore
  12. Swim in all the great lakes
  13. visit Japan
  14. meet Mayu Shinjo, author of Demon Love Spell
I will add to this periodically and show which I have achieved. I hope you will think on it and prepare your own bucket list. Until next time readers, be safe!

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