Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ATCs and the Holidays, don't forget the ACEOs

     Greetings my faithful readers, oh and hello to any new readers! Today I am sitting down to write about three very fun and personal things. First ATCs. Do you know what an ATC is? No? Well let me tell you! An ATC is also known as an Artist Trading Card. They are 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches and are usually done on some kind of stiff paper or cardboard. I personally use Illustrator's board because it gives a nice sturdy backing and makes for a more durable card. There are many ways to make ATCs. You can draw them, paint them, use stamps, or collage even Decoupage. It's a very versitile art form.  Now take care with these. The cards you make and deem ATCs are to trade only. If you want to sell something like an ATC that would be the ACEOs: Artist Cards Editions and Originals.  Editions can be duplicate works that are as close to identical as humanly possible or prints done off the computer or at a printing shop. These are made with the intention to sell them. And some artists do very well with them indeed.

     Now, with the holidays fast approaching many people are rushing about making sure they have all they need to have wonderful festivities. I love Christmas and Thanksgiving very much. Not because of the gifts or the food, but because of the time spent with family, just being together.  We don't do that enough these days. That makes for kids who barely know their parents, parents that barely know their children and even grandparents who have no idea who their own children and grandchildren are.  It makes me wish there were more holidays designed for family to get together because that seems to be the only time most of us make for our relatives. The very idea makes me sad.

     To brighten my mood I am open to trade holiday themed ATCs and to make custom holiday themed ACEOs to anyone who would like one. The ATCs are for trade you can send back some simple art supplies, ATC blanks, or blank Address Labels. The ACEOs are $3 shipped within the USA and $4 International.  Below is a link to my gallery on There you will see many of my cards I have done so far.

     Thank you for reading today's post, feel free to enjoy the other posts on my blog and I hope to hear from those of you that choose to have one of my cards in your home.


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