Sunday, September 1, 2013

Party Crasher

Have you ever had a party or gone camping or something similar and had an uninvited guest? Well, we did last night. We were camping and had just settled in for our desert when all of a sudden Talie stiffened and pointed over my shoulder. Expecting a huge spider or something similarly terrifying (Yes I am an arachnophobe) I turned very slowly to find a raccoon only about 4 feet away from us. He met my eyes and silently began to slink towards us. I waved my hands in a shooing motion and told it to please go away! For a few moments he did! I was amazed then the wind blew and he stopped. Sniffing, he turned back to us. Still silent. I had never seen such a silent raccoon. Normally they would be trilling and chirping in their little voices, but not this one. This one was silent as death. I feared he might be ill but he appeared completely healthy. Finally I took a nearly empty food container and chucked it at him as he got to barely 2.5 feet away from us (far to close for comfort) but I missed in my hurry to try to drive him off. The first one he ignored. The second one I chucked at him rolled catching the light so he took off following it. When it came to a stop he turned it a few times but then left it to come back towards us.  At this point I had had enough. I grabbed two empty containers and banged them together yelling SHOO! SHOO! Until finally he left.

Let me tell you folks, I wanted to run as fast as I could but each time we moved back away from him he came closer a little faster than he had been. This animal acted in a way that suggested perhaps he had had human interaction at some point in time as he really showed no fear of us. Critters like this are especially dangerous as they will walk right up to you, sometimes before you even know they are there thus getting close enough to harm you or your loved ones. So please pay attention to your surroundings and do not DO NOT feed wild animals or take them home to turn into pets. It is not safe for you OR them.

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