Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Real Letters Make a Come Back

Email, texting, tweeting, Facebook. They are all so impersonal. There is a strong resurgence in the pen-palling community with new people taking an interest in getting to know people one of the old fashioned way. Letters through the mail! I found several letter writing partners in Facebook groups based on pen-palling. I used to have a difficult time finding pen-pals before I discovered the internet. So I had lost interest. These days though things are so busy you don't always have time to get online and talk to everyone but its so easy to sit in a traffic jam and jot out a quick note to someone to send out when you pass a post office. I have recently discovered that many of these letter writing fanatics also enjoy swapping things like stickers, stationary, and other things. How fun is that? There is also a method of getting new people to write to by sending out a label bag. A Label Bag is a Ziploc bag you put your own mailing labels in and send to someone. They take one of yours and add their own. It goes on until all of yours are gone then they send the bag back to you! How neat is that?

Then the latest thing I have learned about is called journal swapping. I think its just plain fun! You take a small notebook and write in it for say a month. You can decorate it with whatever you want, stickers, crayons, colored pencils, whatever. You can also paste in articles that interested you, photos you liked, and more. When its full or the time limit set by the partners is reached you mail yours to your friend. There is another version where you write in it and send it to someone, they write in it and send it either back to you or to someone else and it goes on until it is filled. I love it!

So get out there and join us in pen-palling! Its so much fun :)


  1. Are you familiar with swap-bot.com? Members can sign up for all kinds of trades: letters, stickers, tea, craft items and more. If you like sending & receiving snail mail you should check it out.
    I enjoyed reading your blog. Thanks!