Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gender Discrimination Is On The Rise

I have friends who orient themselves with a variety of genders and sexual orientations. I have sadly seen discrimination against each sexual orientation. Well, now I have even sadder news. Men and women have been discriminated against for different reasons at some point in time but now Femboys, males who enjoy wearing women's clothing without necessarily being gay are being targeted on Facebook. Being called things like Whores, Trash, and Sluts.  This horrendous activity has been seen most recently where I expected the most accepting people to be. Within the Furry Fandom. This sad attack on its fellow members and the art of them is just awful. No one seems to take issue with all of the yiff photos strewn across Facebook at any given time UNLESS it focuses on a femboy. People and Furs alike are forgetting that straight and gay furs are just as eager to find someone to cyber with on Facebook as femboys. Putting the blame on these individuals and not looking at the larger picture puts the Furry Fandom to shame. I say: How dare you?

My own sweet, loving mate is a Femboy and I am damn proud of him. I love when he dresses like a girl at home, in public, as a furry or as a person. I love when he finds the rare clean, cute and cuddly femboy photo online. If anyone wants to blame anyone for making a group look like sluts I think we should blame the artists and the people that PAY them for the slutty drawings. Put blame where blame is needed folks. Every single group has been targeted like this throughout history as they came out publicly. Have we not learned to accept our brothers and sisters for who they are? Have we not learned to stop stereotyping everyone? Where are the lessons learned through the deaths of so many interracial couples and gays? Are we truly to start the process of tolerance all over just because Joe Blow wants to wear his wife's bra?

The hardest part for me is the fact that this was brought to harsh realization by a Facebook page that promotes Furry Couples. How could a love promoting page turn to hate? Simply because ONE of its admins was allowed to post how they hate slutty femboys. When asked about it they reveal its all femboys not just ones that act a certain way and all are lumped together under that one heading for this hateful person. I hope everyone who reads this and has a Facebook account will go to the page and report them for their hate. It is absolutely sickening to this Furry Blogger. You can see this page here.

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