Saturday, August 24, 2013

Engagement Announcement

I know I have mentioned my Fiance before in passing, but now that we are actually planning our wedding we felt it was time to introduce ourselves and announce this properly.

My Name is Katherine Evans and his is Taliesin Couch. He proposed February 3rd 2013 and we have set the date for June 21st 2015. We have chosen this date with so much time so that we can figure out how to pay for our wedding, you see I am disabled and he needs his GED in order to get work. I have not been able to put together enough for him to take the test much less for us to wed. That brings me to the other reason for this blog post. We need ideas on how to raise the money to 1. get his GED and 2. Have our wedding. So far we have budgeted out that we will need $2,000 or less for our wedding. Yes that is very cheap but the reason for that is that we will only have 35 guests or less. Such a small party does not require such great cost as an affair of 150 or more.

I am reading a book called Tie the Knot on a shoestring by Leah Ingram and even that makes it sound more expensive than we plan for. She does have some good ideas but still. I don't see much about how to get the money  together beyond credit cards, saving and asking for it. If any of my readers has any idea please post a comment about it!  If anyone wants to be generous and offer a gift of some kind I accept paypal to ha ha! Only half kidding there. If anyone did send us money to help us I would send anyone giving $1-9 a letter of thanks, $10-20 a simple sketch with the letter of thanks, $21 and up would get a framed drawing with a letter of thanks.

All tips and ideas are welcome in the comments so please help!

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