Sunday, July 28, 2013

Positive Public Displays Becoming Illegal?

Just when one gets comfortable thinking they live in a free country things pop up and say ha ha you only have the illusion of freedom! My complaint for this blog is the banning of public affection in public places. My fiance and I were at a library and I hugged him and he gave me a kiss. A chaste, quick peck on the lips. The security guard came over and told us that making out was not allowed in the library and we better watch it. At another library location, my fiance gave me a quick peck on the tip of my nose and we were warned that that kind of behavior was not welcome and if we wanted to patronize the library to leave that to our privacy. Those were their words exactly. One, you work at a library learn some proper grammar. Two, we did nothing leud or inappropriate. Its not like we were having sex in public or even making out!

Now I would chalk that up to just being the library trying to be kid friendly and going too far but I have seen it on the news that restaurants are buckling down on public displays, some going as far as to throw people out for kissing. Its not always all over each other making out either. I saw a couple walked out of a restaurant recently and they had done no worse than we had in the library. The difference? It was a gay couple. I don't care if it is a pair of guys, girls, or a straight couple. No one should have to leave a public place they are patronizing for showing affection to each other. Not when I see people yelling at each other and swearing up a storm not being asked to leave. I mean come one people! What kind of example are you setting? Chaste kissing and affection is frowned upon but foul language and violence is alright? I think the world needs to take a good look at its priorities. I would rather my children see a gay couple holding hands, hugging or giving a sweet kiss to each other in a show of love than to see and hear people fighting and using dirty words in public. How many of you are with me on that? I mean really?

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  1. if i ever get walked out or told to leave just because me and my bf hugged or kissed, I'll tell them, I am offended by the language being used by (find a group who is using foul language) and demand they be treated the same. In my mind if its illegal to show a lil affection in public for people/childrens sake, then foul language is just as bad and should be treated just the same.

    I remember a few years back a coworker got in trouble for this and he wasnt even in uniform. Boss got in trouble though for it for the simple fact that he was a regular customer when not in uniform/on the clock.