Sunday, July 14, 2013

Even online families need attention

You always hear about how our families need your attention. How your children need to know they are important and loved. Well how many of you think that extends to those we know and love online? I do. I have a cyber family on facebook. These are real people that are all emotinally invested in each others lives. We formed a closed group to have family discussions and do activities together. It has been great. I have three sons, a wonderful husband and two wonderful brothers there. Oddly I am the only female in the group.  The best part? We are all Furries. Some of us are also Bronies, and one is huge on gun ownership and safety. Its a diverse family that embraces and supports each others differences. You don't get that kind of love and devotion in person these days.

Lately however, I have been dealing with a lot of issues in my life and that kept me and my husband (who is my real life fiance) from paying much attention to them. One of our sons came to us and told us he felt neglected and thought that the group had become a showplace for our (mine and daddy's) problems. It hurt to have that come out. I had a normal initial reaction of anger and hurt. Then I realied he might be right and so we discussed how to change things. Talie setup a roleplay party in the group and I established a family movie night, posting a link to a video on youtube to be watched by everyone either on Monday or Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we will discuss what we watched and choose someone to pick the next video. It's a little harder to spend quality time with your family when its all online. So if any of my readers have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

In closing I want to remind everyone to be sure to spend time with your families. The ones that live with you and the ones you form online.

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