Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Coming Out and Thoughts on a Friendly City

I want to start this posting by being blunt, and very brave. A trait I don't usually affiliate with myself. So here it is. Plain and simple: I am Bisexual. I have always had a deep appreciation of the beauty of women and men both. Their differences and similarities calling to me, though I always felt on the outside of things. I have never been with a woman but I still fantasize about them. Taliesin, my love, don't worry my heart, mind, body and soul are all yours. For ever until the end of our days and then until the end of our next lives and on and on. Because of this dual attraction I have always longed for but never sought a triad relationship. Mostly due to my fear of another female taking my love away from me. On the other side of this tawdry coin we can't have another male for the same reason only its my lover's fear of being replaced. So I have come to the conclusion that this fantasy be left to those who are more comfortable with each other and more free with their love.

Now my thoughts on this friendly city I know of. Well, its not entirely friendly, there are areas where being in the GBLT community is still taboo and unwelcome. However the area I speak of is Westport. This is a section of Kansas City where people of all walks are welcome both during the day and at night. The best place I know of is Missy B's still open after 11 years of my broken, damaging marriage. I'm not sure how long it was open before I got married though so that may not be saying much! It is a delightful bar where crossdressers and drag queens perform. I had the joy of serving some of them at Chubby's on Broadway one night and let me tell you they are the friendliest, happiest people I ever had the joy to meet. Another wonderful, welcoming place is the joint storefront of Aquarius and Vulcan's Forge. Aquarius is an endearing and enduring new age store, wonderful for anyone into the occult or deeply in love with mythology. The Forge, as I call it offers a wide variety of hand made and even custom made jewelry and I hope to have my wedding set for my second marriage made there.

Westport is a wonderful place to be yourself and get to know new and interesting people. The only down side is that I would not personally raise children there due to the boisterous nightlife that keeps the area hopping well into the evening. Overall, if you come to KC you most certainly should visit this area.

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