Sunday, July 28, 2013

Positive Public Displays Becoming Illegal?

Just when one gets comfortable thinking they live in a free country things pop up and say ha ha you only have the illusion of freedom! My complaint for this blog is the banning of public affection in public places. My fiance and I were at a library and I hugged him and he gave me a kiss. A chaste, quick peck on the lips. The security guard came over and told us that making out was not allowed in the library and we better watch it. At another library location, my fiance gave me a quick peck on the tip of my nose and we were warned that that kind of behavior was not welcome and if we wanted to patronize the library to leave that to our privacy. Those were their words exactly. One, you work at a library learn some proper grammar. Two, we did nothing leud or inappropriate. Its not like we were having sex in public or even making out!

Now I would chalk that up to just being the library trying to be kid friendly and going too far but I have seen it on the news that restaurants are buckling down on public displays, some going as far as to throw people out for kissing. Its not always all over each other making out either. I saw a couple walked out of a restaurant recently and they had done no worse than we had in the library. The difference? It was a gay couple. I don't care if it is a pair of guys, girls, or a straight couple. No one should have to leave a public place they are patronizing for showing affection to each other. Not when I see people yelling at each other and swearing up a storm not being asked to leave. I mean come one people! What kind of example are you setting? Chaste kissing and affection is frowned upon but foul language and violence is alright? I think the world needs to take a good look at its priorities. I would rather my children see a gay couple holding hands, hugging or giving a sweet kiss to each other in a show of love than to see and hear people fighting and using dirty words in public. How many of you are with me on that? I mean really?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Coming Out and Thoughts on a Friendly City

I want to start this posting by being blunt, and very brave. A trait I don't usually affiliate with myself. So here it is. Plain and simple: I am Bisexual. I have always had a deep appreciation of the beauty of women and men both. Their differences and similarities calling to me, though I always felt on the outside of things. I have never been with a woman but I still fantasize about them. Taliesin, my love, don't worry my heart, mind, body and soul are all yours. For ever until the end of our days and then until the end of our next lives and on and on. Because of this dual attraction I have always longed for but never sought a triad relationship. Mostly due to my fear of another female taking my love away from me. On the other side of this tawdry coin we can't have another male for the same reason only its my lover's fear of being replaced. So I have come to the conclusion that this fantasy be left to those who are more comfortable with each other and more free with their love.

Now my thoughts on this friendly city I know of. Well, its not entirely friendly, there are areas where being in the GBLT community is still taboo and unwelcome. However the area I speak of is Westport. This is a section of Kansas City where people of all walks are welcome both during the day and at night. The best place I know of is Missy B's still open after 11 years of my broken, damaging marriage. I'm not sure how long it was open before I got married though so that may not be saying much! It is a delightful bar where crossdressers and drag queens perform. I had the joy of serving some of them at Chubby's on Broadway one night and let me tell you they are the friendliest, happiest people I ever had the joy to meet. Another wonderful, welcoming place is the joint storefront of Aquarius and Vulcan's Forge. Aquarius is an endearing and enduring new age store, wonderful for anyone into the occult or deeply in love with mythology. The Forge, as I call it offers a wide variety of hand made and even custom made jewelry and I hope to have my wedding set for my second marriage made there.

Westport is a wonderful place to be yourself and get to know new and interesting people. The only down side is that I would not personally raise children there due to the boisterous nightlife that keeps the area hopping well into the evening. Overall, if you come to KC you most certainly should visit this area.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Art by hand a thing of the past?

I love to draw. There is a certain purity to art done by hand but in this day and age everyone seems to be doing the latest thing: Digital Art. Digital art looks great but it also feels fake. There is a certain personal touch that gets lost in making it perfect with those fancy programs. I'll take the flaws and personality quirks of simple drawings over digital any day. I just wish there were more of us that liked art that way so I could offer my pieces to you all to buy ha ha! My fiance and I are working on setting up our FA and DA accounts to offer our pieces to the public, but who knows how we will be recieved.  When we have some things posted I will share the links to our pages. Until then, I love Digital Art but long for handdrawn....

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Even online families need attention

You always hear about how our families need your attention. How your children need to know they are important and loved. Well how many of you think that extends to those we know and love online? I do. I have a cyber family on facebook. These are real people that are all emotinally invested in each others lives. We formed a closed group to have family discussions and do activities together. It has been great. I have three sons, a wonderful husband and two wonderful brothers there. Oddly I am the only female in the group.  The best part? We are all Furries. Some of us are also Bronies, and one is huge on gun ownership and safety. Its a diverse family that embraces and supports each others differences. You don't get that kind of love and devotion in person these days.

Lately however, I have been dealing with a lot of issues in my life and that kept me and my husband (who is my real life fiance) from paying much attention to them. One of our sons came to us and told us he felt neglected and thought that the group had become a showplace for our (mine and daddy's) problems. It hurt to have that come out. I had a normal initial reaction of anger and hurt. Then I realied he might be right and so we discussed how to change things. Talie setup a roleplay party in the group and I established a family movie night, posting a link to a video on youtube to be watched by everyone either on Monday or Tuesday. Then on Wednesday we will discuss what we watched and choose someone to pick the next video. It's a little harder to spend quality time with your family when its all online. So if any of my readers have any suggestions I would love to hear them!

In closing I want to remind everyone to be sure to spend time with your families. The ones that live with you and the ones you form online.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Pain Beyond the Norm

I suffer from Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is a rare and cruel disease that affects somewhere between 0.02% and 4.6% experts don't agree on this statistic.  Today I had to have my first abscess drained. As a woman I am hesitant to say anything is worse than the pain of childbirth but for once I have honestly found something that, for me, is indeed worse than childbirth. That would be being given shots in an abscess. I thought I would lose my mind from the pain.  It was a wonder and a great joy to have my fiance with me in the ER during this horrid experience. To know that he is there for me and wants to stay with me knowing this is only the beginning. I am amazed and humbled. I had fallen on hard times and gone off my special diet, meds and vitamin regimen. This is an eye opener about how badly I need to stick with those things. I will be working on getting back to  the health track. Wish me luck ladies and gents.