Thursday, August 9, 2012

Support our troops

Hi there in bloggville! Tonight I am typing up this little blog to share about how you can support our troops. Mind I am a US blogger. However, your country may have similar programs for your troops if you are in another country.

First I would love to tell you about Soldier's Angels.  This organization has MANY ways you can help our troops know they are appreciated. They have the letter writing team. You get 1-3 names as many times a week as you want up to 7. You will get names on each day you tell them you will accept names on. These letters go to soldiers that have not yet been adopted by another angel. Some soldiers are out there with no one back home to write to or receive mail from. So, your simple note may be all they get. I have heard that to them getting mail is like getting gifts from Santa on Christmas. It just lifts their spirits to hear their names called at mail time. Then there are adoptions. If you adopt a soldier you have to send 1-2 care packages each month and you can write your soldier as often as you want. Soldiers Angels serves all of our branches of military so you may get someone from Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. It is a blessing both to the soldier and the Angel to be able to do this. Friendships are forged, they are all grateful whether they are silent or if they correspond with their Angel.  For more information about this fine organization just click the words Soldier's Angels above, it will open a new window to show you all about them at their own website.

Next, I would love to introduce Operation Write Home.  This organization calls on the crafty to create A2 sized greeting cards for our soldiers to use to correspond with home. Many are unable to get a hold of writing materials on their own and thus are limited to e-mails which can happen sporadically for some. There is just something wonderful about making original cards that will bring joy to so many. Not just the soldier who gets to use it but also the recipient and any they share the joy with. To find out more just click the words Operation Write Home above to go to their website.

I will be searching for other organizations that are as fine and upstanding as these two to share with you all. If you know of any please leave a comment with the information for that group so I can check it out for myself.

To all of our Service People:   THANK YOU for your sacrifice to keep this country, and even the world, a better place.

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