Saturday, August 18, 2012

Card Making and a sale

Hello out there in blog land!  I just wanted to share my latest passion with you. It's Card Making. I love the idea but having little money makes it difficult to do very well at it. I just read through about 5 blogs that are doing a bloghop. Got tired fast so I had to stop. It was so depressing! They have all of these lovely cards that should be up for sale somewhere and my first ever card looks like an older child did it....Yet, I will not give up. I like the idea of making cards for others.

Secondary announcement, I made a sale on ebay! I could not believe it. The item was setup as a buy it now only. I have never had one sold like that before.  I am so happy! It will be sent out on Monday as I already missed the post folks at the PO.

Thanks for reading, next time I will share a photo of my card. It is going to be sent to Operation Write Home, so I hope its ok.

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