Friday, May 25, 2012

Mystery Shopping

I started mystery shopping in April of 2012. I find I enjoy it a good deal. People ask if I make a profit. I make enough to pay the expenses plus a little yes. I also get to keep things I buy and only do required purchase shops that pay a fee and reimburse for the purchase. It is not worth it to do a shop that only gives a fee but requires a purchase OR only reimburses you for the purchase. It has to do both in the case of jobs that you must buy an item for. It helps to supplement those jobs with ones that do not require a purchase and pay a fair fee for the job. If you are picky and group jobs to make it most worth while you can not only enjoy it but make money doing it. It also helps to sign up for many different companies. I am currently signed up with 14 mystery shop companies and one company that does in store demonstrations. In April I made $11, in May I made $82, I am looking to be paid about $110 in June. Slowly but surely making my way up the pay grade! Loving every minute of it. If you want to get started I recommend Market Force Information as your first company. Just go to and signup. They pay via direct deposit.

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