Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Rabbits are not disposable Easter gifts!

 Each year at Easter many  well meaning people go out and get cute baby rabbits to give their kids. However very few take the time to learn about the  breed of rabbit they are getting.  f you adopt, adopt adults so you know how large they are, or prepare for an unknown or mixed breed to  turn out large.  It is better to have a small rabbit with a luxurious, large cage than to have a swiftly growing soon to be huge rabbit in a tiny cage. You can learn more about the various breeds and their sizes  at the ARBA's website here.

A great Resource for people wanting rabbits purely as pets is the House Rabbit Society.  However, if you wish rabbits to be show animals or meat animals, I recommend investing in a membership with the ARBA.

When seeking rabbits, consider first and foremost, is it just a pet? Does breed matter? Does size matter? If you just want a pet then you need to know if you want a purebred of a certain type, you must also consider if color matters.  There are over 30 colors in rabbits. Amazing, huh? In order to properly care for a rabbit for its entire life you need to make sure you have an adequate sized cage from the very beginning, with mixed breeds this can be difficult to be sure of so you may end up having to swap for a larger cage down the road.  In my experience and personal opinion it is best to go with the largest you can find and have a lot of room than to not go large enough and have an unhappy, crowded pet.

Beyond this basic advice I must say READ, read as much as you can about rabbit care as you possibly can BEFORE you bring one home. This way you are les likely to give them up later.  Here are a few rabbits I have found that are needing new homes:

Richie the Rabbit in California

Sugar in North Dakota

Finklestein in Texas

Coco in Missouri

Bonnie in Rhode Island

Sterling in West Virginia


Momo in Florida

According to Petfinder.com there are at least 4,793 rabbits available for adoption.  This is very sad indeed since rabbits are among the top ten most popular pets in the US.  I feel awful knowing there are any living beings in the world in need of good homes.  If I were able I would take in every cat and rabbit I could find and care for them indefinitely, until a good home could be found. Always with the option to bring them back anytime, no questions asked. Sadly I face the reality that I can not do that at this point in time. Though it is certainly a hope for the future.

In conclusion, I hope you will find it in your hearts to adopt before going to a breeder.  Especially if you just want a pet.

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