Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Diagnosed Bipolar Non-Specific Disorder

It's intriguing  that what I thought was normal for all of these  years is actually a disorder. An illness  that I can get help for. Caused by a breakdown in the brain.  Amazing.  I am on my third medicine that they have offered to see if it will help. With this disorder one may have to go through many medicines before finding what works to help them control the effects of the disease.  I tried Abilify, but I could not take having more hallucinations than before and after collapsing we decided to try another. Next came Tegritol, but that suppressed my blood cell production and increased my manic episodes. So now I am on Seroquel.  Last night it knocked me out only 2.5 hours after taking it.  That put me asleep at 8:30.  i was not able to get up the next day until 8:30  am. That is a 12 hour knock out.  Tonight I took it at a little before 8pm.  i am hoping it won't be as bad this time.

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