Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sales Report and gains

This week I sold about 35 Dubia Roaches for $8.00 shipped, also 45coupons for $0.35, and some crystal light packets for $5 and some coupons! Sweet!  The Coupons were sold on eBay  for shipping. After fees came to 35c so I lost about 15c  on envelope, stamp and time but that's OK. They'll get used and that is what matters.  The Dubia I lost about $1.10 on shipping cause I miss calculated cost to ship. I think  it was a learning experience.  The Crystal Light was a good thing to do. The lady who got them  off WUC has to pay  about $6 a  tub! OUCH! Glad I could help her.

I picked up a drop spindle and some wool, I have a bit  of alpaca coming.  At Walgreens I got 4 deodorants for 62c for all 4 with 2 $1 RRs which meant I technically got paid to take them home ♥  I also picked up some garden seeds and a couple of neat little brushes that look like miniature hand carders. Hoping to use them to blend that wool and alpaca! Sweet!  I also managed to get 15 coupon inserts since I did not get them Sunday. I got 2 sets of Smart Source from different regions. Only managed to get one pack of Red Plum, but that is alright, I got a printer this past Monday so now I can print coupons Woop!!

Tips on where printables are will be greatly appreciated.  Happy Couponning!

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  1. Got my roaches last week, there were no DOA. Thanks for the fast shipping and great communication!