Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is couponning worth it?

People ask if couponing is worth it. My answer? Of course it is!  As long as you don't expect to save 80% or 90% and certainly not 100% every time. If you can be content with saving 35-75% each time then its definitely worth it.  Now and then you will find ways to save the higher percentages. For example, yesterday I went to Walmart and purchased KY Jelly and a pack of UP2U gum. The total before coupons was $4.12  I handed over a coupon for $3.00 off 1 KY Jelly and a coupon for $1 off 1 pack of UP2U gum. Making my out of pocket $0.12!  Sure I only got 2 items and they aren't spectacular, but they are items that can easily be  donated somewhere.  OK maybe not the KY, but certainly the gum. The military gives it to the troops in desert areas to help stave off dehydration and  to cut water intake. I'm sure the flavors induce fond memories reducing their stress, though I can  not find any studies to back up my fond hope.

While there are people out there writing about how couponing is a waste because of items bought that won't get used. The answer is simple Donate! Anyone who cuts off couponing for a low out of pocket on something they won't use is missing out on a great opportunity to help others. Many religions dictate that we should help others. So why not do it?

This week I will be swapping some of my stockpile with a family who is having financial troubles. They will shop the stash paying with VHS tapes. They need the food more than they need  the tapes. We have more than we need and love movies so it works out quite nicely.

Last week I donated dog food, cat food and coupons to my local animal shelter. I also made a donation of $40 worth of stuff from my stockpile to the local food pantry. I feel great doing it!

Even if you aren't religious, helping  others is good for you! So give it a try today.

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