Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shelf clearing is not cool!

I went to use some expiring coupons on the Splenda bargain at Wags and the shelf was cleared! They had only been open 3 hours and had stocked it the day before the sale started.  Wags only gets so much each week then they are sold out.   It would have been pointless to get a rain check because my coupons expired that day. Then on Friday I went to Country mart to get some Pillsbury on another amazing deal and the shelves were cleared within 4 hours of opening! Luckily a truck had arrived early that morning so they had more in the fridge area.  But come on people, be considerate of others. Would you like it if you planned to get one or two of something  that was a really good deal  only to find them all gone?   I know I don't enjoy the feeling.

So let's not just think of ourselves and try not to clear those shelves.

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