Monday, February 13, 2012

Grand Blog Openning

Greetings bloggers!  I am starting this blog to map our journey into the new life we began the day we moved into our new home. Which was just this  past Friday!  You see, we are using  coupons and careful strategies to live in a nice house that costs twice  what we paid at the old location.  We prepaid nearly 7 months of the year's rent and  will pay it down as we can until the entire year is paid in full.

I  got a coin  sorter to wrap coins for my convenience, a safe place to keep emergency cash (sorry no sharing info beyond that for safety reasons), and there is so much space here I can stockpile with my couponning to cut costs in that area.  When temps outside are above freezing (which they definitely are not right now) this house needs only be set to 72 to stay comfortable.  The trailer we moved out of had to be at least at 80 to keep over 65 F,  and was running constantly, here the furnace runs some but nowhere near as much. I'm sure that is a money saver.

Right now there is at least 2  inches of snow on the ground, so it's hard to plan for gardening, but I think I'll be able to work some food plants in the landscape here and there. Last year I did well, I had tomatoes up until the first week of December.  I had to leave my blackberry bush at the old place, when we planted it we had   planned on another year or two living there but trailers are not made for kids to live in. It was falling apart just because they move faster and bouncier than most adults. Had to get out.

This place is the opening of a new day On A New Road...

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