Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gas Prices

Have you noticed over the last few months  the odd gas price swings?  It used to be that when travel was up they raised the price of  gas and it would go down when people were not really traveling.  Well, this blogger has  noticed the prices going down at high travel times and way  up in lower demand periods.  This doesn't really make sense to me.  Don't they make more during high usage than  during low usage?  Don't get me wrong I appreciate  the low cost of seeing my parents at Thanksgiving this year but's difficult to have the gas to go to and from work each day in town. Its less than 3 miles round trip.  This  shopper will have to cut back spending to  budget more for fuel in the future. Despite the fact  that we  don't spend much as it is.   Watch your local stations and support the ones with the lowest per gallon price or that have a savings deal arranged.

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