Monday, February 13, 2012


Oh my goodness!  Day 4 in our new rental home and while cleaning the living room I found a hole the size of a large orange in the wall. I have no idea how it happened,  but I will be calling our landlady in the morning to see what  to do about it.  I feel  awful!  We have  furniture being delivered  tomorrow and now this. If it weren't for the fact that I want to be such a good tenant I might be tempted to hide it until we move out, but not this time. Not here.  We will pay to have it fixed. It's our fault, we'll handle it with full disclosure.

On happier news, I have one shelf setup in the garage and one small one setup in the attic to start storing our stockpile on.  Slowly but surely we are getting  everything setup.  Now as soon as we are done with unpacking I can focus on Vetting to raise some money for my dental work.  If I work hard I should be able to get the first tooth pulled in 6 weeks.  In the meantime I am rolling coins for papers for coupons and hiding cash  towards a new computer.  Bit by bit.  It's the best way to do anything!

Stay tuned for more on our amazing journey.  In the next few days I will get some photos up!

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