Wednesday, August 29, 2012

We need to remember the Vets

Please watch the above. It is a very touching reminder that we can not forget those who have served in the past.  Many of them are still with us today and are suffering, struggling or just plain alone.  I have known some Vets who may not have turned out as they did had someone remembered that they too gave of their time and risked their lives for our country.

To any Vets that may read this: THANK YOU From all of us here at On A New Road.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Some of the boys having fun

I am so proud of these guys. They go through goodness knows what over there and still they find ways to have fun. You go guys! Keep the faith, the hard times will pass. If anyone knows of more of these kinds of videos please comment at least the title so I can review them to share.

Remember people like these love being supported so, if you can afford to join one of the many organizations that allow you adopt or otherwise support our troops.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Card Making and a sale

Hello out there in blog land!  I just wanted to share my latest passion with you. It's Card Making. I love the idea but having little money makes it difficult to do very well at it. I just read through about 5 blogs that are doing a bloghop. Got tired fast so I had to stop. It was so depressing! They have all of these lovely cards that should be up for sale somewhere and my first ever card looks like an older child did it....Yet, I will not give up. I like the idea of making cards for others.

Secondary announcement, I made a sale on ebay! I could not believe it. The item was setup as a buy it now only. I have never had one sold like that before.  I am so happy! It will be sent out on Monday as I already missed the post folks at the PO.

Thanks for reading, next time I will share a photo of my card. It is going to be sent to Operation Write Home, so I hope its ok.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Support our troops

Hi there in bloggville! Tonight I am typing up this little blog to share about how you can support our troops. Mind I am a US blogger. However, your country may have similar programs for your troops if you are in another country.

First I would love to tell you about Soldier's Angels.  This organization has MANY ways you can help our troops know they are appreciated. They have the letter writing team. You get 1-3 names as many times a week as you want up to 7. You will get names on each day you tell them you will accept names on. These letters go to soldiers that have not yet been adopted by another angel. Some soldiers are out there with no one back home to write to or receive mail from. So, your simple note may be all they get. I have heard that to them getting mail is like getting gifts from Santa on Christmas. It just lifts their spirits to hear their names called at mail time. Then there are adoptions. If you adopt a soldier you have to send 1-2 care packages each month and you can write your soldier as often as you want. Soldiers Angels serves all of our branches of military so you may get someone from Army, Air Force, Navy, etc. It is a blessing both to the soldier and the Angel to be able to do this. Friendships are forged, they are all grateful whether they are silent or if they correspond with their Angel.  For more information about this fine organization just click the words Soldier's Angels above, it will open a new window to show you all about them at their own website.

Next, I would love to introduce Operation Write Home.  This organization calls on the crafty to create A2 sized greeting cards for our soldiers to use to correspond with home. Many are unable to get a hold of writing materials on their own and thus are limited to e-mails which can happen sporadically for some. There is just something wonderful about making original cards that will bring joy to so many. Not just the soldier who gets to use it but also the recipient and any they share the joy with. To find out more just click the words Operation Write Home above to go to their website.

I will be searching for other organizations that are as fine and upstanding as these two to share with you all. If you know of any please leave a comment with the information for that group so I can check it out for myself.

To all of our Service People:   THANK YOU for your sacrifice to keep this country, and even the world, a better place.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Proud of those who serve

The above song is a great tribute to those who have died in the service of our country. It is also a great big thank you to those who survived to come home again.  I should have written a blog about the military folks before this. I have no excuse why I had not.

Let me take this moment to say it loud and proud:


To show my appreciation I have joined Soldier's Angels and so far I have enjoyed every minute. I hope that you, my dear readers, might also join a similar group to support the armed forces of your nation. I can not tell certain peoples to not support their fighting force just because they may be ones we are up against. I can not judge others for that is God's work.  All I can do is choose the side I know in my heart is right and support them as much as I can. Be it with prayers, simple letters, care packages in the mail or working with others to support thousands at once. I will strive to do my best to support our troops.

Feel free to leave comments with other websites that support troops. I will follow up on each in future blogs.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Beginning EMTWL with Photos

Hi! I recently signed up for and let me tell you I love the food and exercise journals.  I had no idea my body was staying fat because I was not eating correctly!  I also found Eat More To Weigh Less. I am currently doing the 8 week metabolic reset. I am eating that the maximum calorie intake for my body. I will eat this way for 8 weeks so my body can readjust to being properly fed. At the end of the 8 weeks I will subtract 15% of the calories and readjust my levels. This should allow me to safely and slowly lose the inches and soon the weight.  For fun here is a photo of how I looked the day I became engaged to my husband vs how I look today.

The outfit I am in on the right is generally what I wear to work out in. It is loose and comfortable.  You should always have on comfortable clothing when exercising.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Fading memory

"I might repeat to myself, slowly and soothingly, a list of quotations beautiful from minds profound-if I can remember any of the damn things."  Dorothy Parker

Everyday someone loses a memory. Some cherished, some better forgotten. Some think to themselves upon this discovery, "About damn time!" Others mourn the loss. Sometimes I wish I could forget all the memories of times shared with a wonderful man of my past, it aches me and breaks me that I gave up waiting for him only to find him when I am not free. The ties that bind may be fear based or love based, these days it is so hard to tell the difference. When my husband and I first got together he told me he had no clue what love was. A few days later he insisted he knew and that I was love for him. I loved him then, I may still but I do not know how to tell with every emotion blending into a dull line of, "Sure, whatever."

Is this my illness speaking? The meds dulling the borders of emotional territories? Or am I falling out of love with the one I chose to be my mate? Will I ever know? Does anyone know?

Friday, May 25, 2012

Learn and help save America

This animation on Youtube says a lot of important things that we as a nation need to know. Be brave and watch it.  It may be the wedge that breaks open the crack in the chain mail they have worn so long.



"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable." Sydney J. Harris Everyone has regrets in their past. Things they should not have done, things they should have done and others they wish had been done differently. I love my life as it is but I constantly feel a tug telling me things could have been so different had one thing worked out differently. If I had told that one person how I felt, if he had felt that way about me...if all of our common friends had not been so angry at the magnetism between us that drove us to spend so much time together. Perhaps if things had worked out differently his daughter would have been my daughter and we would still be together for I am THAT loyal. Despite the failings of our marriage, my husband and I find ourselves still together after 10 years. We have 3 insane little devils we call children, ha ha. But still I am drawn each night to think of the great man in my life that I am resigned to call friend to the end of my days. The one who deserved so much better than the woman who left him and a darling little girl to go party. Now he works endlessly to support his baby girl. So lonely an existence. I hope that our chats on Facebook ease his pain. He is a good man and no matter how much it hurts, I pray every day that he will find someone to love him as I do, maybe even more.

Mystery Shopping

I started mystery shopping in April of 2012. I find I enjoy it a good deal. People ask if I make a profit. I make enough to pay the expenses plus a little yes. I also get to keep things I buy and only do required purchase shops that pay a fee and reimburse for the purchase. It is not worth it to do a shop that only gives a fee but requires a purchase OR only reimburses you for the purchase. It has to do both in the case of jobs that you must buy an item for. It helps to supplement those jobs with ones that do not require a purchase and pay a fair fee for the job. If you are picky and group jobs to make it most worth while you can not only enjoy it but make money doing it. It also helps to sign up for many different companies. I am currently signed up with 14 mystery shop companies and one company that does in store demonstrations. In April I made $11, in May I made $82, I am looking to be paid about $110 in June. Slowly but surely making my way up the pay grade! Loving every minute of it. If you want to get started I recommend Market Force Information as your first company. Just go to and signup. They pay via direct deposit.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Why is it all about money?

I have to wonder why life seems to run on and about money. There are things more important but greed causes everything to rotate around it. If people were less inclined to make as much as they can with as little effort as possible then more people could support their families. Of course that would require effort. It is a very sad catch 22 that our world lives in. One day it may be our greatest downfall. There are too many restrictions at public gardens. There are not enough public gardens to support their communities. Everyone thinks of what they can get for the excess they have. It is indeed a very sad world. For now I will do what I can for my family and share when we have more than we need. It is the least I can do to set an example of change for the world. What example will you set?

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thoughts On The Damage Of Racial Hate

I will never understand why our world is so focused on color. Color of your clothes, the color of your eyes, the color of your very skin. I grew up in a city with many people of various racial backgrounds. I had friends of many of these backgrounds. I also grew up with racism. My father can be a very angry man. When angry he seems to first look at your skin, then gender. At least he used to. These days he is too ill to hate anyone. I once worked in a thrift shop when I was 17. I came to care for a very kind and caring man there. My parents threatened to disown me and throw me out on the streets if I had anything to do with him beyond working with him. He was an African American. I never saw the color of his skin. I saw how his eyes lit up when he assisted a young mother and her children. Or when he helped an older couple. I still remember his bright smile and the way he would look at me sometimes. I do not remember his name. In high school I knew a boy named Bobby, he too was African American. I had kept him a secret letting my parents think he was a white boy. I did not do it from shame of him, but rather out of love, because I knew what my parents would say even then. My parents were not needed to destroy that relationship. The other children in the school did the damage. He received calls threatening harm on him and calling him horrid names because of me. We broke up. We barely spoke after that. So many are angry because of skin color. Because of past hates and wrongings. No one seems able to let it go. In some shape or form it lingers like the stink of rotting fish. In high school I felt the hate. Every where it suffocated possible happinesses. My youth was full of hate. There was little real happiness. My parents wanted me to be with a white boy. Yet none they deemed suitable saw me. I was that thing that was friends with the ... I refuse to use the words. They are filth in my mouth that lingers never to be removed. I did not find anyone that cared for me as myself until I left my parents home. He is white, but I did not see that, I saw only that he was good to me and others. He was giving and compassionate. He is now my husband of ten years. We have 3 children, 2 of which are girls. My husband is like me, he does not see the color of a person's skin as a determining factor of their worth. He sees who they are and how they treat others. So, when our girls are old enough to date we will welcome any boy they bring to meet us. Regardless of skin color or racial background. Any man will be worthy of them if he is good, and gentle. If he is anything like their father he is welcome in our family. Never will we refer to him as any of the racial slurs we heard growing up. Never will our grandchildren be called by the foul names made up for children of mixed heritage. I laugh at that term: Mixed Heritage. It is a mockery to life. No one anywhere is pure anything. I know, I have Italian, German and Polish in my veins. My husband knows of Irish and Italian. We may be white but we are not pure anything. Our children are proud of their heritage. And we will be proud of our grandchildren's heritage. Whatever it may be. Because hate only creates more hate. Hate is the root of all wars, large and small. Be brave my reader and smother the hate. Spread only friendship and love, for only these will save our war-torn world from itself.

Rabbits are not disposable Easter gifts!

 Each year at Easter many  well meaning people go out and get cute baby rabbits to give their kids. However very few take the time to learn about the  breed of rabbit they are getting.  f you adopt, adopt adults so you know how large they are, or prepare for an unknown or mixed breed to  turn out large.  It is better to have a small rabbit with a luxurious, large cage than to have a swiftly growing soon to be huge rabbit in a tiny cage. You can learn more about the various breeds and their sizes  at the ARBA's website here.

A great Resource for people wanting rabbits purely as pets is the House Rabbit Society.  However, if you wish rabbits to be show animals or meat animals, I recommend investing in a membership with the ARBA.

When seeking rabbits, consider first and foremost, is it just a pet? Does breed matter? Does size matter? If you just want a pet then you need to know if you want a purebred of a certain type, you must also consider if color matters.  There are over 30 colors in rabbits. Amazing, huh? In order to properly care for a rabbit for its entire life you need to make sure you have an adequate sized cage from the very beginning, with mixed breeds this can be difficult to be sure of so you may end up having to swap for a larger cage down the road.  In my experience and personal opinion it is best to go with the largest you can find and have a lot of room than to not go large enough and have an unhappy, crowded pet.

Beyond this basic advice I must say READ, read as much as you can about rabbit care as you possibly can BEFORE you bring one home. This way you are les likely to give them up later.  Here are a few rabbits I have found that are needing new homes:

Richie the Rabbit in California

Sugar in North Dakota

Finklestein in Texas

Coco in Missouri

Bonnie in Rhode Island

Sterling in West Virginia


Momo in Florida

According to there are at least 4,793 rabbits available for adoption.  This is very sad indeed since rabbits are among the top ten most popular pets in the US.  I feel awful knowing there are any living beings in the world in need of good homes.  If I were able I would take in every cat and rabbit I could find and care for them indefinitely, until a good home could be found. Always with the option to bring them back anytime, no questions asked. Sadly I face the reality that I can not do that at this point in time. Though it is certainly a hope for the future.

In conclusion, I hope you will find it in your hearts to adopt before going to a breeder.  Especially if you just want a pet.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


"Regret for the things we did can be tempered by  time; it is  regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."   Sydney J. Harris

Ah, regret. The bittersweet twist of yesterday cast on today and shadowing tomorrow. Everyone has at least one regret. My own being many. Some I can never share because they would affect my here and now and never change anything for the better.   One regret I can share is that I should have gone to college when I had a chance and not moved out to live with someone who at the time  turned out to be a bad influence. However, had I not moved in with this person I never would have met my husband or had my sweet children.

So while we all have regrets, I think it's best to dwell only on those we can change. At this point in time I can not attend college, but one day...perhaps.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Quote to Ponder

Men are born to succeed, not to fail. ~Henry David Thoreau

This tells me most folks just do not put enough effort into  the things they do where they fail. Those who succeed once and fail thereafter thought  it would be easier once they had achieved success that one time.  Those who fail over and over and over again finally succeeding should be proud. The only TRUE failure is giving  up.

Diagnosed Bipolar Non-Specific Disorder

It's intriguing  that what I thought was normal for all of these  years is actually a disorder. An illness  that I can get help for. Caused by a breakdown in the brain.  Amazing.  I am on my third medicine that they have offered to see if it will help. With this disorder one may have to go through many medicines before finding what works to help them control the effects of the disease.  I tried Abilify, but I could not take having more hallucinations than before and after collapsing we decided to try another. Next came Tegritol, but that suppressed my blood cell production and increased my manic episodes. So now I am on Seroquel.  Last night it knocked me out only 2.5 hours after taking it.  That put me asleep at 8:30.  i was not able to get up the next day until 8:30  am. That is a 12 hour knock out.  Tonight I took it at a little before 8pm.  i am hoping it won't be as bad this time.

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Paws Online Cat and Dog Store

I haven't shopped here yet, I just signed up for their newsletter. As a bonus they are sending me a free cat toy! Head over to check it out, just click HERE .

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sales Report and gains

This week I sold about 35 Dubia Roaches for $8.00 shipped, also 45coupons for $0.35, and some crystal light packets for $5 and some coupons! Sweet!  The Coupons were sold on eBay  for shipping. After fees came to 35c so I lost about 15c  on envelope, stamp and time but that's OK. They'll get used and that is what matters.  The Dubia I lost about $1.10 on shipping cause I miss calculated cost to ship. I think  it was a learning experience.  The Crystal Light was a good thing to do. The lady who got them  off WUC has to pay  about $6 a  tub! OUCH! Glad I could help her.

I picked up a drop spindle and some wool, I have a bit  of alpaca coming.  At Walgreens I got 4 deodorants for 62c for all 4 with 2 $1 RRs which meant I technically got paid to take them home ♥  I also picked up some garden seeds and a couple of neat little brushes that look like miniature hand carders. Hoping to use them to blend that wool and alpaca! Sweet!  I also managed to get 15 coupon inserts since I did not get them Sunday. I got 2 sets of Smart Source from different regions. Only managed to get one pack of Red Plum, but that is alright, I got a printer this past Monday so now I can print coupons Woop!!

Tips on where printables are will be greatly appreciated.  Happy Couponning!

Monday, March 12, 2012

I love Our Coupon Home!

Our Coupon Home is both an informative blog and a forum community for couponers. These resources are great for the laid back, fun loving type of couponer. The more serious of us can check it out too, but we do get goofy now and then.  You can see the blog HERE.  You can find the forums HERE.

I hope you join and enjoy the fun!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coupons, ya got to stick with it

It takes time and dedication to coupon well. I should know! I have worked my way through weeks where I could not get any coupons from the Sunday paper due to a lack of funds. This coming Sunday being one of them.  It can be daunting, feeling like you are missing out. Who knows if that one coupon you really need  will be in there.  One could always look at the sneak peeks for the inserts but do you really want to  know when you have no money until the day after you need it.

Just stick with it, things always get better.  Life, like the seasons and sales, comes in cycles.

Friday, March 9, 2012

I just won 2 points on the SuperLucky Button!

I just won 2 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping.

This site has several choices as to what to do with your points. There are gift cards, paypal payouts, a Wii, and more. So I hope my readers will take a moment and consider joining. I do my clicks every day, first thing in the morning. It's kind of fun!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I just won 2 points on the SuperLucky Button!

I just won 2 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping.

I absolutely love this program. They have many rewards to choose from, though I tend to favor the paypal payout for cash. I never even do anything but click the button and the link in the email they send once a day. Between my own clicks and those of the people who join in my line, I have been paid twice! If you need extra money to help make ends meet or a way to save without cutting back, this is the way to go.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Fushion Cash Review

This site proclaims to help you make some extra cash but in reality, its a spam creator. There is very little one can do to actually earn anything. I advise everyone to stay away from this website when looking to money that way.  There are many legitimate ways to earn money and prizes. Like with this one I have been paid out twice. Once for $10, then recently for $5. Its a great site.

A Poetry Moment

Abandoned and Bruised
By Katherine Evans

Precious kitten in the snow
Whose baby are you, I'd like to know.
Left alone in the big, cold outside
Not purring a heart open wide.

Sweet little puppy on the road
Running and chasing a little toad.
Why do you only have 3 legs?
And why so afraid of chicken eggs?

Critters cannot speak at all
Yet they hurt when we take that fall.
Beating, yelling all unneeded
Their inner tears go unheeded.

Walgreens trip plan for 3/8/12

I have been preparing for my day of shopping since Sunday 3/04/12. I will do  my final prep-work tomorrow. Today let's talk about  my plans for Walgreens, or WAGs. Remember, anything I can't get at the actual WAGs I can price match at Walmart. Here's what I hope to get and how:

Planters Nutrition on sale for 2/$9 I have coupons for $1/2 making this item 2/$8. Then for each 2 you buy you get a $1 RR meaning for those I get here I only pay $7 for 2 or $3.50 each.   Not the best deal but it gives my family a healthy snack.  Since I plan on getting a total of 22 cans I can also donate some to the local pantry or offer to trade for movies or other items with families on a rough spot but not desperate.

Kettle Chips 8oz bags are on sale for $1.99ea have coupons or $1/1 letting me get 2 bags for $1.98, I also have 2 coupons for 75c/2 letting me get 4 more for $6.46. No RRs on this  one.

Sunsweet Prune Juice is on sale for 2/$6 and I have2 coupons for 75c/1 letting me get 2 bottles for $4.50.  In my family these are definitely on the donate list! Again no RRs on this deal.

Ocean Spray 2/$6 have 8 50c/1 coupons, but these are only good for the grapefruit drink. If this is not included in the sale I will drop this planned purchase. No RRs.

Coffee Mate liquid creamer 16 oz 2/$3, I  have a Non-SS for 55c/1 making these 95c each. There is a limit of 4 so will have to do 2 transactions to get the 5 I need. Another fine donation Item. No RRs.

Campbells Chunky or Harvest Select Soups 2/$3 Have a coupon for $1/4 making them $1.25 each. No RRs.

And that's my planned trip. I will be taking my new notebook for noting shelf prices with me to help with my records.  Happy Savings!

I just won 5 points on the SuperLucky Button!

I just won 5 points on the SuperLucky Button!: Superpoints is a members-only club where you earn great rewards for doing things online like taking surveys, watching videos or shopping. Get 5 people to sign up under you and you can cash out at just 500 points and each day you get 100 chances to win points.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Cafepress Shop

I have a   small Cafepress shop. In 1 week I will be taking my camera out to gather photos of the dawning spring. I will then use these to make new items for the store.  For now I have some older designs up. I think they are cute but I know I can do better.  Feedback and tips for improvement are appreciated.

Track your Savings!

A great motivator is tracking your savings. I am using excel to keep spread sheets showing the name of the store, number of items bought, number of coupons used, total before coupons, total after coupons, total coupon savings, percent saved, date of trip. I've only done 2 trips since starting but they look like this:

Walmart 9 items   Coupons used: 2  Total before coupons $9.78   total after coupons $8.23 Total  coupon savings: $1.55 percent saved: 16% Date: 1/30/12

Walmart 2 items Coupons Used: 2 Total Before Coupons: $4.12  Total After Coupons: $0.12 Total Coupon Savings: $4.00 Percent saved: 97.90%  Date 3/3/12

In  a  few  weeks I will show an update that  proves you do not always save like I did on the second trip, but that you do save. Couponning is definitely worth it if you are careful and watch your savings.

Til next time, Happy Savings!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Is couponning worth it?

People ask if couponing is worth it. My answer? Of course it is!  As long as you don't expect to save 80% or 90% and certainly not 100% every time. If you can be content with saving 35-75% each time then its definitely worth it.  Now and then you will find ways to save the higher percentages. For example, yesterday I went to Walmart and purchased KY Jelly and a pack of UP2U gum. The total before coupons was $4.12  I handed over a coupon for $3.00 off 1 KY Jelly and a coupon for $1 off 1 pack of UP2U gum. Making my out of pocket $0.12!  Sure I only got 2 items and they aren't spectacular, but they are items that can easily be  donated somewhere.  OK maybe not the KY, but certainly the gum. The military gives it to the troops in desert areas to help stave off dehydration and  to cut water intake. I'm sure the flavors induce fond memories reducing their stress, though I can  not find any studies to back up my fond hope.

While there are people out there writing about how couponing is a waste because of items bought that won't get used. The answer is simple Donate! Anyone who cuts off couponing for a low out of pocket on something they won't use is missing out on a great opportunity to help others. Many religions dictate that we should help others. So why not do it?

This week I will be swapping some of my stockpile with a family who is having financial troubles. They will shop the stash paying with VHS tapes. They need the food more than they need  the tapes. We have more than we need and love movies so it works out quite nicely.

Last week I donated dog food, cat food and coupons to my local animal shelter. I also made a donation of $40 worth of stuff from my stockpile to the local food pantry. I feel great doing it!

Even if you aren't religious, helping  others is good for you! So give it a try today.

Thursday, March 1, 2012


This is an interesting new site for buying and selling locally. They help match buyers and  sellers to make sales go more smoothly. I've just joined and listed an item as well as requested one.  Take a look and see you there!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gas Prices

Have you noticed over the last few months  the odd gas price swings?  It used to be that when travel was up they raised the price of  gas and it would go down when people were not really traveling.  Well, this blogger has  noticed the prices going down at high travel times and way  up in lower demand periods.  This doesn't really make sense to me.  Don't they make more during high usage than  during low usage?  Don't get me wrong I appreciate  the low cost of seeing my parents at Thanksgiving this year but's difficult to have the gas to go to and from work each day in town. Its less than 3 miles round trip.  This  shopper will have to cut back spending to  budget more for fuel in the future. Despite the fact  that we  don't spend much as it is.   Watch your local stations and support the ones with the lowest per gallon price or that have a savings deal arranged.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fixing the car

We finally went and got the quote to fix the car, well, part of it. They'll be looking at the muffler. If it just needs a patch  it'll cost about $20, if we need a new one it'll be $55.   Not bad!  The other thing that needs fixed is the motor for  the wipers, for that we're looking at $170 or so. Ouch!  Wish I knew how to fix this stuff myself, would save a lot of money that way.

Have you had any work done on your vehicle lately?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shelf clearing is not cool!

I went to use some expiring coupons on the Splenda bargain at Wags and the shelf was cleared! They had only been open 3 hours and had stocked it the day before the sale started.  Wags only gets so much each week then they are sold out.   It would have been pointless to get a rain check because my coupons expired that day. Then on Friday I went to Country mart to get some Pillsbury on another amazing deal and the shelves were cleared within 4 hours of opening! Luckily a truck had arrived early that morning so they had more in the fridge area.  But come on people, be considerate of others. Would you like it if you planned to get one or two of something  that was a really good deal  only to find them all gone?   I know I don't enjoy the feeling.

So let's not just think of ourselves and try not to clear those shelves.

Friday, February 17, 2012

House Party Countdown!

To welcome  us to our new home I'm throwing a  Dole  Salads House Party!  Just 8 days until the party. None of my facebook friends have RSVP'd which makes me a little sad, but my husband just took some invites to some people he works with. I'm going to invite 2 neighbors and a couple of people we like at our local Walmart.  Time to show that we like our new home and are proud of it!

I've planned for a PS2 tournament, music, and discussions on gardening, shopping and cooking!  This is my first party ever so I hope it goes well.  Any tips are appreciated!

Monday, February 13, 2012


Oh my goodness!  Day 4 in our new rental home and while cleaning the living room I found a hole the size of a large orange in the wall. I have no idea how it happened,  but I will be calling our landlady in the morning to see what  to do about it.  I feel  awful!  We have  furniture being delivered  tomorrow and now this. If it weren't for the fact that I want to be such a good tenant I might be tempted to hide it until we move out, but not this time. Not here.  We will pay to have it fixed. It's our fault, we'll handle it with full disclosure.

On happier news, I have one shelf setup in the garage and one small one setup in the attic to start storing our stockpile on.  Slowly but surely we are getting  everything setup.  Now as soon as we are done with unpacking I can focus on Vetting to raise some money for my dental work.  If I work hard I should be able to get the first tooth pulled in 6 weeks.  In the meantime I am rolling coins for papers for coupons and hiding cash  towards a new computer.  Bit by bit.  It's the best way to do anything!

Stay tuned for more on our amazing journey.  In the next few days I will get some photos up!

Grand Blog Openning

Greetings bloggers!  I am starting this blog to map our journey into the new life we began the day we moved into our new home. Which was just this  past Friday!  You see, we are using  coupons and careful strategies to live in a nice house that costs twice  what we paid at the old location.  We prepaid nearly 7 months of the year's rent and  will pay it down as we can until the entire year is paid in full.

I  got a coin  sorter to wrap coins for my convenience, a safe place to keep emergency cash (sorry no sharing info beyond that for safety reasons), and there is so much space here I can stockpile with my couponning to cut costs in that area.  When temps outside are above freezing (which they definitely are not right now) this house needs only be set to 72 to stay comfortable.  The trailer we moved out of had to be at least at 80 to keep over 65 F,  and was running constantly, here the furnace runs some but nowhere near as much. I'm sure that is a money saver.

Right now there is at least 2  inches of snow on the ground, so it's hard to plan for gardening, but I think I'll be able to work some food plants in the landscape here and there. Last year I did well, I had tomatoes up until the first week of December.  I had to leave my blackberry bush at the old place, when we planted it we had   planned on another year or two living there but trailers are not made for kids to live in. It was falling apart just because they move faster and bouncier than most adults. Had to get out.

This place is the opening of a new day On A New Road...