Thursday, June 23, 2016

DEAR MR. PRESIDENT AND THE FDA- Vape shop owner's plea

This lovely lady is a Vape Shop owner. The FDA regulations will kill her business. Please support vaping by watching and sharing her plea. We need to get the government's attention.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Furry Fan Fare

I have had a great week! I sold 10 crocheted guinea pigs to a lovely young lady on Facebook. I had posted them for sale all over facebook as fursuiter accessories or as pet toys and she wanted them for herself and maybe as gifts!  I sincerely hope that she enjoys them.  Here is a photo of some that are on their way to her as I type.

Then on Furbuy I opted to buy a decal from a fellow Fur. They were great with communication, sent it quickly and it is a very nicely done decal. As I always try to do, I wanted to share here how to find this delightful Furry Friend so you too can look into his wares.  His name is Josh Watson AKA Nero and his company is called Furtastic and Serval's Den.  His ID on Furbuy is Neroserval. Their website is and they have a shop with Etsy at all of which I hope you will check out. They offer decals, shirts and more!

I recently purchased art from a Furry artist in France, I will post more about her when we get the pieces and I bought some My Little Ponies from a gal on facebook. When they arrive I will ask her if she has an online store she would like mentioned here. I do so enjoy sharing with my readers any little tidbits that I find interesting and well, if someone has great customer service then I think they should be shouted out about.

Feel free to comment about a small business, crafter, or individual you have purchased from that gave excellent service and we will check them out as we can.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Money and Charity

I have two possible orders for crocheted items. I am hopeful that it will work out. My family can really use the money.  I am working on changing how I handle my budget. It is so hard to change things you haven't really had control over. Suddenly having full control over my own finances is frightening at the same time it is empowering.

Went to evening services last night and I kind of disagreed with a little of what was said. The pastor's wife said that anyone NOT Christian was Wicked. I say not necessarily. It may very well be that they live a good Christian life without knowing Christ himself.  Does the lack of knowledge of him then make them wicked? I think not.

I went to a charity give away on Saturday. I am so grateful there are pantries and groups like this that give out things to help others. However, I was very saddened to see that most of the clothes there were badly stained. Why do people think they can give trash to the poor? It only makes them think that is all they are worth and it that is all they are worth why should they bother to try to do better? Please if you donate clothing or other items to a charity or to other people PLEASE be sure they are CLEAN and in Good repair. The jacket I was given had no zipper. I was unaware of this until I got home. Now to keep it I must find the money to put snaps or something on it to close it. Otherwise it was in good shape.

I adopted 9 children in need as my nieces and nephews.  I am only required to send them a letter each month but I hope to slowly come to sending them little gifts each month. I want to send them something nice for their birthdays and for Christmas. I am unable to do anything for my own children. I can only hope that I can lift up these little ones and enrich their lives.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Getting you caught up on me

It has been a while since my last post, for which I apologize. There are times when life gets so hectic that I just get so caught up. I forget that I have the blog. I hope to write more now but I have said that in the past. For anyone still following, I thank you. For anyone just finding me, thank you for reading. I live with my boyfriend, Scruffy, now. We currently rent a room in his parents house. Not the best set up but it is a lot better than being on the street, especially with how bad the winter has been across most of America. He is asleep next to me as I type. I can't help but turn and look at him now and then. Just seeing him brings a deep, gratifying peace to my heart. Our dearest other, Tails, doesn't live with us right now. We miss him but it just wasn't possible to have him with us at this time. We are all three working hard to be able to get into a place where we can all live together. It is just slow going because right now we only have my SSI and what little I make off of my art to get us by. Scruffy has a job interview this afternoon. It is a lower paying position but a job is a job at this point and as long as he brings in at least $500 a month I do believe we could get by.  He and I have no attachments to any name brands, buying second hand is fine and we know how to cook like poor people. Ha! We ARE poor people!  We have one cat and a few rats as pets, all very easy to care for on a low budget if done properly. The way to do it is pay yourself first (savings) then pay the pets (supplies and vet fund) then rent, then utilities, then food for yourselves. I am learning to do this, it is just hard to change after the ways I have had to live. I am hopeful that Scruffy can help me learn to be this way.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hippie Hog's First Annual Funky Junky Show!

Just a quick note, readers, your often missing but never gone blogger is going to be part of this new and fun show this year! There will be all kinds of neat things for sale and a concessions stand. We will be across from that stand.  I hope to see you there as I will be selling crocheted items that I am making now and I will be offering quick sketches for tips! Please visit this link to see more information!

Monday, December 29, 2014

An unexpected change

Where do I start? What do I leave out and what do I keep just for me to know and remember? When faced with social media so many of us forget that not everyone wants the world to know what is going on between the two of you. So when you make your posts please do not be like my ex-boyfriend, Tails. Keep your private affairs private. Now he is is in pain which has changed him. I acknowledge and accept my part in that.

Now I let go and look to the future. My future with Scruffy. Whatever may be, I've chosen my path and he walks beside me.

It is our decision to stay on at his parents' home, renting a room. We can save money here, we can be happy here without worrying over someone that just wants trouble. I may lose my best friend along with my ex but that is yet to be seen. She wants me back but I will not leave my Scruffy to go deal with her druggie ex that is living off of her. This is pretty much public knowledge stuff, she uses Facebook and is far from shy about posting her business.So, I am merely repeating what she has shared, in a way.

Saturday I have to go get my things.  I have to see Tails and try not to fight or cry or anything. Just get my stuff.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

First solo trip in a long time

Hello dear readers! I write to you from a small town near Springfield, MO. I am visiting my beloved Scruffy. A whole week with his family. What a delight it has been so far. My trip ends early Saturday.  I am absolutely charmed by his parents. It is going to crush a part of me I thought I had all locked up when I have to leave him behind. Its not the end of the world though. I will work out with his folks about getting him a ticket to visit me in February.  Yes, ticket. That's right my readers. Me, never leave the house alone, scaredy girl actually left the house and road Greyhound all the way down from Jefferson City, MO to see him. It took gumption, I tell you what. I would not trade this week for all the world....with one sad exception that would never happen that is.

I almost wish I lived here with them but that would mean leaving out our sweet Tails and I just could not do that to him. We both couldn't. We love him too much. It has to work out. It just has to.